ARTIFACT: An Unnamed Fishing Vessel

ARTIFACT: An Unnamed Fishing Vessel SIZE: 90 feet FOLKLIFE: Transportation, fishing, migration, art, grief, memorialization by Robin Reineke On April 18, 2015, approximately 1,100 people … Read more

ARTIFACT: The Sleeping Mexican

ARTIFACT: The Sleeping Mexican AKA: Pancho, Pedro, Ramón, the Lazy Mexican, the Sombreroed Dozer, the Dreamer, the Resting Worker, the Siesta Motif SIZE: Various FOLKLIFE: … Read more

ARTIFACT: Barbed Wire

ARTIFACT: Barbed Wire SIZE: 12.5 to 15.5-gauge steel wire, various lengths, 2 point or 4 point FOLKLIFE: Occupational folklife, ranching, military, World War I & … Read more

ARTIFACT: Smokey Bear

ARTIFACT: Smokey Bear SIZE: Various. See U.S. Forest Service’s Guide for proper use. FOLKLIFE: Occupational folklore, storytelling, advertising, land use, politics by Kimi Eisele Chances … Read more

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