ARTIFACT: Tumbleweed 

SIZE: 3-6 feet in diameter  FOLKLIFE: Iconic plant of the Southwestern United States; invasive species; symbol of grit, perseverance, migration & Chicana identity by Bunny … Read more

The Blue Dress

A grandmother stitched a memorable Jalisco dress but sewed up tightly the truth of her origins. by Mele Martinez My nana, Aurora Martinez, was a … Read more

How to Hold This

Reflections on the containers of my life in the year of pandemic by Kimi Eisele Spring came furtively to the desert this year. One morning … Read more

A black background with a Pinedale Polychrome Bowl with black glaze and white kaolin paint. The middle of the bowl is brick red with black jagged and swirling lines. The left and right inner sides of the bowl have black and white lines, some straight and some jagged.

Earth, Water, Fire, and Air

Archaeologist Barbara Mills on vessels of early people in the American Southwest Interview by Kimi Eisele Barbara Mills is an anthropological archaeologist who uses ceramic … Read more

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