Running Tales for the Times

A writer and collector of corridos on the power of the people’s song by Celestino Fernández When my father was on his deathbed, at age…

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Mila’s Meditations

Audio essay by Ruxandra Guidi | April 2020

Lola’s Quince: A Lesson in Belonging

Essay by Mele Martinez | September 2019

My Sunrise: How I Came of Age the Apache Way

Essay by Brooke Gregg | September 2019


Thinking like a Folklorist

Reciprocity in Fieldwork

by Jim Griffith                         The relationship between folklorist and informant is, by its very nature, reciprocal. To start off, I don’t really like the word “informant” for the person who gives…

Remapping LA

by Alison M. De La Cruz On April 17, 2019, ArtChangeUS: Arts in a Changing America convened nearly 400 arts and cultural workers for ReMap LA, a Cultural Equity Summit at…