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Best of Tucson

Thank you, Tucson, for voting TMY as Best Annual Festival in Tucson Weekly’s annual reader’s choice awards. And thank you Tucson Weekly for the lead-in blurb you eloquently crafted in announcing the TMY win. Your words were heartening, as they perfectly captured the vision that sits behind all the festival fun. We liked the Tucson Weekly descriptor so much that we’re repeating it here (with permission, of course, from Tucson Weekly Editor Dan Gibson):

Melting pot? Or stew? Somehow this great encompassing event has eluded controversy around ethnic identity. All involved have blithely celebrated our hometown’s diversity, united in love of all things flavorful, colorful and musical. Recently, though, and wisely, TMY has been reminding us that we are diverse 365 days a year. The costumes, the foods and games represent a host of living traditions, practiced daily within cultures that survive through them. Each of us has a history and traditions embodied in our identity, a source of pride and respect. The festival could be evolving from Tucson Eat Yourself to Tucson Learn Yourself and others. And that only makes it all the tastier.”

UA Special Collections Features TMY Memorabilia & Record

You can pour over Jim Griffith’s handwritten 1974 notes, see Lalo Guerrero’s autographed LP album given to Big Jim, listen to old TMY recordings and peruse a t-shirt collection. This comprehensive exhibit honoring “40 Years of Tucson Meet Yourself” is on display through January 12, 2014 at Special Collections, UA Main Library. Curated by TMY Board member Bob Diaz, the exhibit brings the scope (and the fun) of Tucson Meet Yourself to life. The exhibit is open every Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm, with free entry. If you need to prep for the festival (or just curious about TMY history), please make plans to visit the exhibit soon! Learn more at:

UA Special Collections Opening
Jim, Loma and TMY friends at UA Special Collections opening reception for 40 Years of Tucson Meet Yourself exhibit. Bob Diaz, exhibit curator, far right.

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