Grandma’s Gorditas

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The song “Farolito” sung by its inimitable author, the great Mexican crooner and composer Agustin Lara, serves as a lyrical, almost surreal, soundtrack to the simple homemade scene of Jose Serrano’s Nana making chorizo gorditas. This video was created by Jose as his final project in Dr. Maribel Alvarez’s class ENG 449 “Food Narratives.” While originally he intended to have a voice-over narration in the short film, an accidental broken mike prevented this element. Serendipitously, the song fills an emotional space that words may have not been able to capture. Jose chose this song because it is his Grandpa’s favorite: “he insisted that I include it,” Jose told his teacher. The match between the steps of preparing the delicious thick corn masa tacos (gorditas) and the melody is subtly metaphorical: one immediately senses that the making of food expresses the same passionate love heard in the song. Great job Jose! Thanks for this simple gift of beauty.

Grandma’s Gorditas-HD 720p from J. Serrano on Vimeo.

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