Ethnic and Folklife Communities, End of Life Reports

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SFA staff and citizen folklorists explored how Tucson ethnic, folklife, occupational and alternative communities express their cultural essence in ways that honor the cycle of life and death.

Mexican American Field Work, Anne Mayer Dalton

Los Vatos Memorial, Martina Mejia

Refugee Experiences, Natalie Brown

Field Worksheet Study, African-American Family, Juana Ambrose

Atheists, an Exploration, Terryl Mack and Karen Metcalf

Food and Mourning, Zohreh Saunders

El Rio Interviews, Rose Laborin Madrid

Children and Grief, Video 1, Selina Ramirez
Children and Grief, Video 2, Selina Ramirez
We can only imagine the emotional pain for children who experience the death of someone important in their lives. After the loss of her own daughter (Soleil Jolie Ramirez, born May 9, 2008 and passed away May 17, 2008), citizen folklorist Selina Ramirez needed to grieve as well as to help her children express themselves and mourn in their own way. She received support from TuNidito, the local non-profit which has created “a community of acceptance, support and understanding regarding children in grief.” Selina’s son, Tristen (now 13), started out in a Littles program, then moved to Middles, before completing his participation, as part of Tu Nidito’s Children to Children Grief Support Group. Selina videotaped her three boys for her report on children and grief.

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