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A painting shows landscape with 6 cacti, 5 dead, one alive and below ground dead roots from each seed except for one and a human arm and hand planting a seed. On the arm the words "It is accessible?" are written.

Yes, Disability Is a Culture

by Naomi Ortiz From “Cripping BorderLore,” a special edition. Read an introduction here. A foundational element of ableism is a fear of vulnerability. For many … Read more

Photo Only (By Tom Olin): (Right to left) Mark McTimus, Barbara Toomer, Mike Auberger, Stephanie Thomas, Frank Lozano and Frazier block the front of a Greyhound bus. Mark is on a tiny yellow scooter holding a yellow sign that says "Lifts Not Lies." Barb is in a manual chair and short sleeved shirt holding a camera; her red sign - taped across her legs -- reads "Go Greyhound And You'll Leave Us Behind! Mike has one long braid and a beard and mustache, his hands are on his hips and like all the others he is chanting; his left leg is elevated in front of him on a padded footrest with no shoe, only a sock (this is to protect an injury he got in the LA County Jail). Stephanie is facing slightly away from the camera with several buttons and stickers on her sports wheelchair and overalls. She is wearing blue-rimmed mirror sunglasses and her sign, also taped over her legs, reads "ALL Aboard." To her left Frank stands wearing his backpack and an ADAPT headband. He and Frazier, his white lab dog guide who sits in front of him, have the same noble expression on their faces. Frank's sign which he holds in one hand, reads "We Will Ride."

How Many People Have Prayed for You?

Naomi Ortiz and Alisha Vasquez on Disability Culture, Accessibility, and Finding Liberation From “Cripping BorderLore,” a special edition. Read an introduction here. Alisha Vasquez: I’m … Read more

Alisha, a smiling Chicana with dark hair and light brown skin, stands on crutches, wearing a colorful Mexican dress and red shoes.

Cripping BorderLore 

by Alisha Vasquez, Guest Editor In this edition of BorderLore, we look at a culture that might be unfamiliar to many: disability culture. Those of … Read more

Maíz and the Macehual

Educator, artist, and community organizer Claudio Rodriguez on how corn helped him reconnect to himself and his community by Claudio Rodriguez, as told to Kimi … Read more

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