an ironing board filled with homemade face masks.

More Than It Seems

Seamstresses Stitch Love and Culture into Masks and Clothing by Kimi Eisele Growing up, Grace Beltran, who was raised by her grandmother in the City … Read more

Artifact: Rebozo

by Mele Martinez It’s a monsoon summer night and a dozen comadres sit in a circle talking, planning, and organizing in a small retreat room. … Read more

ARTIFACT: An Unnamed Fishing Vessel

ARTIFACT: An Unnamed Fishing Vessel SIZE: 90 feet FOLKLIFE: Transportation, fishing, migration, art, grief, memorialization by Robin Reineke On April 18, 2015, approximately 1,100 people … Read more

ARTIFACT: The Sleeping Mexican

ARTIFACT: The Sleeping Mexican AKA: Pancho, Pedro, Ramón, the Lazy Mexican, the Sombreroed Dozer, the Dreamer, the Resting Worker, the Siesta Motif SIZE: Various FOLKLIFE: … Read more

ARTIFACT: Barbed Wire

ARTIFACT: Barbed Wire SIZE: 12.5 to 15.5-gauge steel wire, various lengths, 2 point or 4 point FOLKLIFE: Occupational folklife, ranching, military, World War I & … Read more

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