Lesli Wood Peterson

The Desert’s Scent

Let’s summon some fragrances of our city: Fresh baked and sweet pan de huevo and empanadas… newly ground and roasted coffee from downtown roasters and … Read more

Dick Schorr

Rawhide Arts

In the northwest corner of a busy Folk Arts Courtyard during 2014 Tucson Meet Yourself, master reata braider Dick Schorr patiently explained the bundles of … Read more

Iskashitaa knitters

Knit and Tell

It’s winter in the desert. Here, as well as all across the country, there’s no better time to cluster in comfy knitting circles that are … Read more

La Tusa, The Tattoo Mural

One multi-layered representation of a community’s politics, tradition and symbols is the Tattoo Mural of South Tucson, located at 29th and 4th avenue. This artistic … Read more

Writing Folklife in Mehndi

Mehndi style is delivered by an artist who, in great detail, writes stories in designs on skin. Those designs have served as talisman, family symbol … Read more

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