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Fine-tuned Listening

Andrea Hoag on the intricacies of Swedish fiddle traditions and practice Interview by Eryka Dellenbach Andrea Hoag is an accomplished player of the Swedish fiddle from Tucson, Arizona by way of Seattle, Washington. Surrounded by Scandinavian community and traditional practices, Andrea learned to fiddle from Swedish Elders who learned from…

Deep Roots: Keeping Up the Traditions of Capoeira

Bryan Castle on names, practices, and community in the Brazilian martial art form of Capoeira Interview by Eryka Dellenbach Bryan Castle has been a practitioner of the Brazilian martial artform of capoeira for 22 years, studying throughout North America and Brazil with teachers such as the late Contramestre Dondi “Enxu”…

‘My Feet Move, I Don’t Stop’

A flamenco artist on how the dance keeps her going as it keeps evolving Interview by Eryka Dellenbach Angelina Ramirez is a flamenco dancer and instructor from Tucson, Arizona. Angelina has been active in the flamenco community for 32 years and calls flamenco “more than just a genre one practices; it…

Thinking like a Folklorist

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